Friday, July 16, 2010

Fabulous Flossy...and the School holidays

Checkout our mention over at Flossy Particles blog. My dear friend is an inspiration to me in many ways. I love hearing what beautiful things she is creating and achieving in life.

The kids and i have been on school holidays...this seems to involve skate park after skate park due to the winter months and my son and his cousins being tweens. Life for them seems to be about coloured skinny jeans, cool skate shoes, scooters and skateboards. Their main ambition i'm sure is to see how many skate parks they can drag Mum to until she goes crackers. But to tell you the truth i have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of visiting many of the diverse skate parks on the east coast of NSW. Keep posted for a full rundown and rating of the parks we have visited the kids are making a list etc.

We are back home now, so the nearest skatepark is Woolgoolga we went their yesterday i need a new firstaid kit is all i'm going to say. Today we headed to the Grafton Skate park. It was quite good, a nice location surrounded by many beautiful trees.

Two more days of school hols, i can do this.

So we began the holidays with a train trip (we got a private cabin this time) adventure to see my sister and her lovely boys, we met in Manly for a few days of fun then headed home to her place in Nowra.

We filled the kids time with action packed days of fun and interest, for eg.paddleboarding and rollerblading in Manly, La premier tickets to Eclipse in Chatswood, The Karate kid and Toy Story 3 also @ the movies, The Swans game at the SCG, indoor leisure center at Husky, skate parks in Manly, Mosman, Kiama, Berry( we also snuck to the markets for yummy relish mmm), Nowra, and a few other suburbs that i've forgotten the names of, then the indoor and outdoor skate parks on the way home at Port Macquarie, oh and i mustn't forget the gorgeous Glasshouse Art Gallery for Mum.

I feel my duty as a good Mum is complete...Is it it ever enough???

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flossy-p said...

I'm told by my in-house skater, that Ballina is by far the best park in these parts. Perhaps I should send my boy off with yours next school holidays ;)

Sounds like you had a great holiday!!!