Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Comeback......

Ok i have been rather neglectful of our blog due to the business of living, which involves so much school work of late that my time on the computer has been monopolized. I am studying a Diploma of IT (Web Design) this year, and attending my blog keeps getting put on the bottom of the priorities list sadly.

Since my last blog post we have moved to the wonderful town of Bellingen NSW, i broke my hand had a wonderful Christmas holiday break with family, friends have had babies, relatives have passed away, the kids have grown much taller and i have grown much stronger as a woman.

We have however continued vigorously with the 'Mandi and Maddi' business, and sales in our retailers have been steady over the summer. We still have empty online stores sadly but that too is on the list of things to do asap.

If you have or know of anyone with a retail store that would be interested in stocking the "Mandi and Maddi" accessories range please send us an email at-

Also add us back in your reader if you had deleted us as a lost cause because we are back!!!!!!

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