Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crochet Creative......

Since introducing these adorable crochet flowers into the hair accessories range 'Mandi and Maddi' have been selling considerably better. It seems our customers love new stuff from us, the fabric covered magnetic bookmarks have been quite a hit also.

Our online stores are a little empty of late sorry, due to christmas sales and our stockists in retail stores doing well, also my return to full-time study of web design, quite a brain strain. Oh and i have been busy moving the kids bedrooms up into our loft space so that i can go downstairs and have a bedroom and a seperate study/craft business space.

I am starting to settle into a study pattern and my workspace is almost sorted so there will be plenty of fresh stock arriving shortly to fill our online stores again, so please keep posted or rather i will post about it!!!!!


Narelle said...

Nice job, they are gorgeous.

All the best with your new studio space, you'll wonder how you did without it for so long!

Mandi and Maddi said...

I know i am loving just organising the space!!!Thanks for the support Narelle!