Monday, December 21, 2009

Almost Christmas!!!!!!

Last night we picked a name from the hat (our customary way) And the lucky winner of the zebra print Mandi and Maddi hair accessory goes to................. Redness from 'I'mOverIt' another fabulous Australian blog. It's definitely worth popping over their for a visit!!!

Now down to the business of Christmas, I have all my pressies wrapped and I'm quite ready for the 25th now, how about you? We didn't buy a new tree this year and i didn't need to buy wrapping paper as i had bought some fab 7m rolls earlier in the year for $1 each, we made our house decorations so it seems the only real expense have been the presents themselves which is great, it is hard when you are bombarded with all the extra merchandising over the silly season!!! I insist on setting a good example to the children, we don't need another upcoming generation of over consumers.

We would love for anyone to post links to images of there christmas trees or gift wrapping expertise or homemade decorations?

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