Monday, November 30, 2009

We have a winner and are looking for another one......

This afternoon we wrote down the entrants names and yes we put them in a hat, and drew one lucky name out, are you ready? The winner of a Mandi and Maddi hair accessory gift pack isssssss Challen Charms from Brisbane.

Congratulations to you!!! Your prize will be in the post tommorrow, how easy was that? Thankyou for the poem entry also it was lovely.

Okay so is everyone ready for another giveaway to keep things rolling?

Above is our lovely zebra print/ large button hairtie!
It could be in your mailbox very soon if you act quickly!

To enter complete one or more tasks by Dec 20th -

Join our google friends list (right hand column).
Leave a comment about our blog on the link below or in right hand column above google friends.
Post about our blog with a link and tell us about it.
Buy something from one of our online stores.


Redness said...

Great to find you via Lady Bloggers ;)
I've done the necessary here to enter your giveaway ;) Hope you have time pop over to my blog where there's another giveaway of vintage buttons happening ... spreading the joy ;)

Becky said...

I am a google friend! Wish I had a blog, such a cute prize!