Friday, November 6, 2009

Trip to Sydney...Sculpture by the Sea images...


So i didn't succeed entirely with Octoberfest, but it did encourage me to post more when i could. Over the last week i was in Sydney with the kids for my son to compete in the state finals with his running relay team. They made it to the semi's and came in 5th hooray!

The kids hadn't been to Sydney city since they were too young to remember. So we did a few touristy (surely this word is in the dictionary by now) things.

Sculpture by the sea headland walk starting at 'Bondi beach'.
Fig tree climbing at 'Balmoral beach'.
Lunch at 'Manly Corso' and icecream.
Woodfired pizza for dinner at 'Cremorne'.
Mexican dinner feast at 'Crow's Nest'.

An early evening train trip across the Harbour Bridge into the city, with a walk through the Queen Victoria Building, their Christmas tree was huge. Maddi stops us when she see's the three story inner city Supre store she has a mini spend up, then through to Friday evening 'Chinatown' markets and yum Cha for dinner.

And of course Homebush Olympic stadium where Billy had his finals, afterwards the whole relay team and the sisters and Mum's had a ball at the Homebush indoor Aquatic centre and Homebush outdoor interactive water sculpture.

For any of my overseas readers Homebush is where the Olympics were held, so it was a great venue to attend. My favourite thing though besides seeing the boys compete was the sculpture walk and we were pleasantly surprised to see one of Coffs local artists Jeramie Carter exhibiting.

The next trip to Sydney is in 10 days, i'm taking my daughter to see Britney Spears for her 13th birthday. Thirteen oh my goodness i just don't feel old enough to have a teenager, she's starting to borrow all my stuff too aggghhhh........

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