Monday, October 5, 2009

Early day 8 - Our first Christmas gift guide.......

Scroll to the bottom off our selection to click on links to these shops.....

1- Sea anemone stacking rings by KiraFerrer

2- Sweet summer washcloths by Paradise Knitting

3- Original fresh greens stacking rings by Kiraferrer

4- Beechy Keen earrings by Petals and Metals

5- Plush log baby rattle by ChunkyChooky

6- Other view of Chunky chookie's plush baby rattle.

7- Motivating messages magnets by Amnesty International

8- Gorgeous Fabric storage bins by Sewing Momma

9- Plush Penelope Perriwinkle by Chunky Chooky

10- Moss and Ivy Aromatherapy oil/perfume by ForStrangeWomen

..... Lovely things by lovely shops - We hope you have fun browsing .....


Kira said...

Great list! That aromatherapy oil looks devine... off to shop!

Cath from chunkychooky said...

Thanks so much for the feature- very much appreciated!!!