Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 10 Blogtoberfest - Day 1 Our holiday to the south coast......

So the train trip to Sydney was interesting, we hadn't traveled on the countrylink train for ten years. My son Billy was only a baby (he is now ten). It was a novelty for the kids for the first few hours, but then they started to get stir crazy, it's a 9 hour trip. We spent a small fortune at the buffet bar and tried many different sleeping positions.

My sister Jane picked us up at central station and then 2 hours in the car to her house. The kids got straight out of the car and onto the skate ramp my sister's handy husband Scott has built. My sis has two boys and she has Bethany a girlfriend's daughter visiting to play with Madeleine(my girl). So five kids in the house, plus the many friends and their kids/neighbourhood kids that come to visit.

Day 1 - The girls made cupcakes for morning tea, then we headed out for the day, the boys went to the movies and the girls went for Chai and hot chocolate then a little bit of lite shopping. Back home for dinner and a little skate ramp time downstairs.

Then off to the Friday night rollerskating disco. Well the kids and adults were all having a blast. But then i decided to go in the speed skating and fell very hard on my left wrist and left side of my bottom which is very unfortunate for my bad sciatica agghhh!!!!! Not to mention i gave everyone a good laugh....I am very thankful for the strap on wheat bag invention, it is my new best friend. Today i am very sore and bruised, so Jane and i are staying home in our P.J's all day and Scott has taken the kids out to guess where? The local skate park. We sure love to wear these kids out.

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maryanne priest said...

Ha Ha (I guess I shouldnt laugh) - would have loved to see your speed skating Kamakazi act!!! Hope you and the kids have a great little holiday! You deserve it, catch up when you get back.