Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 16 Octoberfest - Almost time to go home.....

Well, we have made the best of the weather while we have been away but the wind has been very full on ( i get cranky in the wind). I'm sure the kids have still had fun even though it has been too cold to swim in Jane's pool.

We took them to Bay and Basin indoor leisure centre a few days ago so they have had a swim, the Mumma's hung in the spa bath and cafe while the kiddies had fun.

Today Jane shouted me a deluxe pedicure at a beauty salon, very nice, i feel very spoilt. I love my new toe nail colour, so very shiny, i hope i don't trash it too easy. Jane wrecked hers at soccor last night but the leg scrub and massage was well worth it anyway.

Today is our last full day here the weather is still iffy but we're heading out for the day very shortly.

Hey has anyone else had problems with writing posts before the day you publish them and them posting with the date you wrote them not published them??? So ignore my dates on my posts at the moment they are not correct, annoying!!!!

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ChallenCharms said...

I'm amazed you're able to blog whilst away - good on you :). I can't say I have had that problem before.