Friday, August 21, 2009

Vote EARTH!!!!

WWF sent me an email about the 'VOTE EARTH' campaign today, we support WWF with small monthly donations, and in return we are kept very up to date with current environmental issues in Australia. I like to educate the children through this media on what is happening in their country. They are so often shocked at the 'Dinosaur Attitude' of our politicians.
A national multi-media campaign calling on "dinosaurs" in politics and business to stop blocking urgent climate action in Australia has launched, highlighting that they are holding up the creation of hundreds of thousands of new clean energy jobs.

Along with WWF-Australia, the campaign is backed by The Climate Institute, the ACTU, Australian Council Of Social Service, and the Australian Conservation Foundation, coincides with the Parliamentary debate on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme and Renewable Energy Target.

These dinosaurs risk leaving our economy firmly stuck in the past. Help them to ‘evolve’ and to support strong action on climate change.


Anonymous said...

"Reducing pollution does not cause unemployment though it may change the nature and location of jobs"

Ya like to China and India perhaps.

Look, you greenies don't know how to sell anything. The dinosaurs want to know the NET result of reducing pollution. No one in their right mind believes that Cap&Trade only creates jobs, there are always job losses, so the Dinos want to know what the NET job numbers are. If the green movement would only state the net jobs, they would have some credibility with the public, and perhaps the dinosaurs would take action.

Mandi and Maddi said...

Hmmm food for thought!!!
i agree will the jobs just go overseas and then pollute their country, yes that is already the case, people always winge everythig is made in china but do we want all those smoking factories here clogging up our skies? NO But pollution is a worldwide problem and responsibility so sending the dirty work somewhere else is not going to solve the worlds problems. I do not claim to know all the facts but i like to help WWF and The Wilderness Society and Greenpeace's efforts and media campaigns by posting about them occassionally. Thanks for your input!!! Please visit again!!!