Thursday, August 27, 2009

Living on the East Coast......

Living on the coast our family finds alot of interesting things washed up on the beach, and in the surrounding rock pools of our local beaches. Having a love of photography i always carry our camera with us on our little journeys, and i was thankful i remembered it the day we found all the starfish washed up into the rock pools from a king tide the evening before.
The problem with the starfish was that the high tide had washed them up too far into the rock pools and they were going to dry up before they made it back to water (we presumed anyway) So we rounded up the stray starfish and put them all into the closer rock pools.
We had a wonderful day finding them all and returning them to safety. It also reminded us of the magical place we live. Did i mention the kangaroos that live on the headland? And out in our back paddock!
So i might make this a regular feature on our blog called 'Living on the East Coast' with images of our finds at different places in nature. The weather has definately been warming up early this year so plenty of days out exploring to come over the next 6months. I love summer i feel like everything including myself, really comes to life.
If anyone would particularly like to see more starfish photos, just ask in a comment, as i took about a hundred shots that day of many different sorts/colours. I'd be happy to post some more if the fans demand it!!!

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