Friday, May 28, 2010

News and new work @MandiandMaddi.......

My online shops are still EMPTY oh dear! But great news from the retailers who stock us. Stock is selling consistently and plenty of positive feedback from the customers.

We are keeping ourselves busy by replenishing stock for the retail stores, creating/producing then photographing plenty more fun new work to go online @GreenstoneGallery's Giftshop.

Greenstone Gallery has launched their beautiful new (but still growing) website! Which will soon have a Giftshop feature for artists/crafters that don't fit into the finer art categories. I love the creativity and dedication Maryanne puts in to keeping art alive and fresh here on the Mid North Coast.

Well done to the whole Greenstone Team!!!

I must admit the main reason for my online shops being empty is the 'all brain consuming course' i am currently taking 'Web Design'. Loving it, love the brain workouts and coming up with design ideas but very time consuming.

So for now i will be posting plenty of new work on here to keep interest alive and you'll have to hope you live near a retailer or you can EMAIL me about anything in particular you see and like.

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