Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 5 of Blogtoberfest!!!

So i joined in with a collective of bloggers yesterday who are all taking part in Blogtoberfest The general idea (from what i can gather, please correct me if i'm wrong) is to blog everyday of October. As we all do get a little slack and complacent at times. I love the idea of connecting with other Aussie bloggers in a fun /cooperative way like this.

Well here goes then, today (day 5 i'm a little late) i will blog about how i am going to visit my sister in Nowra with my two children Madeleine and Billy. We are catching the train for a different experience (for the kids, personally i don't love the train too much). So we arrive in Sydney swap trains and head to Bomaderry. Then big sis will pick us up. From there it will be 10 days of fun for the kids.

Big sis Jane has a swimming pool, a half pipe in the downstairs rumpus room, and heaps of all the other mod cons kids love PS3/computers/ipods. Then their will be adventurous days out, and they are always adventurous where Jane is concerned.

Here are a couple of the things my sister has had me do - Walk Mount Warning - Seven hour canoe trip that ended in the dark hours, cold, no lights, where is the bridge! the end agghhh! a bed!

So you get the idea, i can only guess what we will be doing. But i do know the darling has booked me in for a foot spa aren't i the lucky duck.

I will still be posting from her place, so you will be hearing from me this month, alot.


Cathy (tinniegirl) said...

Excellent. Welcome aboard.

Thereisabuttonmissing said...

Have a great trip. I found your blog yesterday and am really enjoying it.