Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 23 - What can i do with some chinese newspapers?.......

Recycled Inspiration

We found these images some time ago on the web, unfortunately i have lost the details. I'm pretty sure they were part of an exhibition abroad somewhere? They have inspired me since i recently asked for a heap of Chinese newspapers when i was purchasing a gorgeous teapot at an Asian grocery. The man very generously gave me a pile of old ones at no cost, when i assured him i wouldn't be reading them ??

I'm thinking of paper mache on short chop sticks to put in one's hair? Cover a thick bangle, screen print over a page and frame, I'd also like to try the beads in the image above, as i have made those with fabric in the past! Back when i had a jewellery making fetish (which i have been thinking of returning to).

Recycled items are just so more interesting and fullfilling to wear or have around your home, than big brand $$ items that aren't unique !!!

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