Friday, July 31, 2009

Origami is cool.........

We love Origami in this house, actually all things japanesey chopsticks, sushi, japanese papers, fabrics, art, bonsai, i could just keep going on but the focus here is origami. Have you ever attempted a difficult fold? There are heaps of printable instructions available online for all different folds and designs. I still love the classic crane, i remember in sixth grade we made one thousand for good luck and hung them all around the classroom as we were learning about japanese traditions. We have been folding masu boxes. If anyone has made any origami lately feel free to post an image we would love to have a look!!! Checkout 'Oriland' a dedicated paper folding site.They also have a blog and many more links to origami folding sites. Have fun everyone! Go on it's easy just a little actually alot of patience.

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